Dealers Den is now accepting applications!

The Dealer's Den is open at NOON July 21st for applications from interested dealers! The VF Dealer's Den Application Period will be open from July 21st at noon, until August 11th at 11:59pm PDT.

We have several options for dealers in terms of table sizes and prices for vendor spots:

  • Full table - 6'x2.5' $120CAD
  • Half table - 3'x2.5' $60 CAD
  • Corner table - 6’x2.5’(x2) $140 CAD
  • Booth - 8’x8’ $180 CAD

The majority of our tables are filled by the selection committee; if need be, the remaining tables are filled by a random number generator lottery of the remaining applications. Please make sure you read the entire of our Dealer's Den page to have the best chance of a successful application.