The BCAEA Board of Directors (usually referred to simply as "The Board") is the elected group that owns and oversees the Vancoufur convention, as well as others in the Greater Vancouver area. Any given convention's volunteer staff handle the planning and execution of that year's event, while the Board handle longer term planning and any year-to-year business that is required. We earn the money, they pay the taxes, and for that we are grateful.

Board membership rotates in and out on an election basis, with nominees being put forward by the local community. To see who is currently on the board, what they are currently working on, or to contact them directly, please use the resources below.

BCAEA Website

A central resource for everything regarding the Board and their activities.

What's Up?

The Board's activity blog, where you can see their recent activities.

BCAEA Meeting Minutes

The minutes of recent Board meetings; what was discussed and what decisions were taken.

BCAEA Twitter

The official Twitter account of the BCAEA.