"Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you and I hope you like seeing what I do!"

Matrices is from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, living on an island in Washington state. Her name Matricies means "That in which anything is developed, takes shape, or is contained. " It was chosen because she felt it was a creative choice and became established because it wasn't normally taken in other online communities - so it stuck!

Her favorite thing to do in the PNW area is hiking and exploring. Rocky driftwood-strewn beaches, evergreen covered mountains, and misty forests are all high on her appreciation list in life. She is a dog-person extraordinaire, adopting one adorable dog named Turbo in 2009. She usually offers him silly things on video using the twitter tag #TurboTakes to see if he accepts them or not. Dogs are a big source of inspiration for her, and have always been an important part of her life. Other hobbies Matricies enjoy include drawing, building, and wearing costumes, making props, and generally being crafty. She's always been a creative person, drawing since she was four and was lucky to have the opportunity to learn how to design websites early in life, having done so since she was 10.

Matricies has been involved in the furry, cartoon, and anthropomorphic fandom since 1998-1999, describing it as a "gradual interest". Since 1999, she has made her own costume masks of her characters almost every Halloween. The first attempts were made using paper maché which were then decorated in paint. In 2003 she moved towards using plastic canvases and foam construction and has moved on since then - experimenting with different mask making mediums and techniques ever since.

Matricies has taught classes on mask making, tail making, and costume design at local events and conventions since 2004. She also lends a hand sharing techniques and WIPs with other like-minded folks online. As a self-employed costume designer, professional tailor, freelance artist, and sales persons she says its "an amazing job" and is thrilled to be able to fill a wonderfully spectacular niche, working with so many wonderful clients who share her interests.

Check out her work on her website, or check her out on social media.