Allosaurex is a Vancouver based illustrator who has been creating in the fandom for 6 years. He has a diploma in 3D animation and design but is currently enjoying a career in Freelancing within the fandom. While he has been drawing most of his life, he started his internet posting with Sparkle Dogs in the Golden days of DeviantArt but now shares most of his art across his Twitter accounts. Outside of digital illustration, Allo enjoys exploring new media types. From Paints to Photography to Fursuits there is nothing he doesn't enjoy experiencing as art. He is Proudest of his Personal suit exploration and enjoys being a Leggy Maned Wolf named Atlas. His favourite advice to creators is this:

"Create content that makes YOU happy. Always keep drawing things that make you happy and you'll surround yourself with people who love what you do while also loving what you do."
You can connect with Allo on his Twitter account.