Welcome to Vancoufur 2019! Dealer's den applications closed August 27th, but we have left the following information available for your reference.

To complete your Dealer’s Den application, we require:

  • Your desired listing name as you wish to have it appear for use in the Con Book and Vancoufur website
  • Your real first and last name as it appears on your government-issued ID
  • A portfolio of your work representative of what you will be selling, with links to any applicable website or hosted gallery
  • A brief biography of yourself/business and why we should accept you
  • If you are planning on sharing a table, the real first and last name and listing names (as appears on their application) of whomever you wish to share your table with - they must apply separately and put you in this section as well
  • If you are planning on having a Dealer’s Den Assistant*, please specify who. Assistants may also be added AT the convention and will be provided with a way to identify them as an assistant.

*NOTE: Assistants are individuals of your own choosing (as the table applicant) that may assist you in running your table when you have stepped out or help out in the space around your table to help you manage your wares. Dealer’s Den Assistants are not allowed to sell their own products.

Please note: Dealers from outside of Canada should ensure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada. Sub-letting, or renting out your table at the time of the convention is not allowed. Please apply separately if you intend to share a table and express who you would be sharing with in your application.

Table Pricing and Dimensions

Full table - 6'x2.5' $100 CAD
Half table - 3'x2.5' $60 CAD
Corner table - 6’x2.5’(x2) $140 CAD
Booth - 8’x8’

$180 CAD

Dealer’s Den Rules of Conduct

  • Be in compliance with the hotel rules at all times
  • Dealers and Assistants must have their con badge visibly worn at all times inside of the Dealer’s Den
  • The consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited in the con space - including the Dealer’s Den
  • Dealers and Assistants are not allow to handle business transactions if they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Wares must be in compliance with the rules outlined in the “What can I sell in the dealer’s den?” section in the FAQ below
  • Be kind and respectful to the staff, dealers, and attendees - if they don’t respect you back, contact staff
  • Sub-letting, or the renting of your table is prohibited
  • All sales at your booth must be legal in Canada and the province of British Columbia
  • You are liable for the behavior of yourself and your Assistants while they are in the Dealer’s Den

Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action, not limited to warning strikes, ejection from the Dealer’s Den and loss of your booth, loss (pulling) of your convention badge, banning from Vancoufur, contact of police, and potential legal action. Disciplinary actions are effective immediately upon issuance. Appeals for actions will be handled according to convention rules.

A dealer who has their convention access revoked will also be ejected from the dealers den without compensation. This applies to the primary owner of the table. Assistants who have their convention access revoked will not be allowed to enter or be in the dealer's den for the remainder of the convention, under any circumstance.