The megacorps gather with citizens at Vancoufur, and take the opportunity to show of their latest and greatest technology. Bast Arms is no different promising a spectacular show of one of their latest innovations to a host of celebrities, corporate nobility, and reporters. Of course there’s always more than meets the eye in Neon City, and before the night is out, there will be blood.

Crimson and Chrome is a 3 hour full immersion Murder Mystery that participants will play out. Costumes and advance signup is encouraged, though anyone can come and watch

If you have never played in a murder mystery before, or know what it is, read on.

A murder mystery is a game/event that is played out over the course of several hours where a group of players assume character roles, one player 'dies' and its up to the other players to figure out "whodunit" by the end of the night.

The game play is a combination of LARP, improv, and acting, as players are given a character to play through 2 "acts". Act 1 is prior to the murder, act 2 begins after the murder. Players are given a set of goals, secrets, and tasks to perform through their character role through the night, and must discover from other players the clues and motives to solve the mystery without getting into a sticky situation themselves!

There are three levels of of participation. The intensity is determined by how much your character will need to accomplish, how social you will need to be, how many secrets you have to protect and give out, and how many people will need to interact with you. Be sure to select the level of play you are comfortable with in the signup form.

Players are encouraged to come in costume, fitting for your role and character. The Crimson and Chrome murder mystery is themed and seeped with the lore and characters of Vancoufur's Neon City, bringing together powerful corporate executives, celebrated researchers, famous celebrities, hard nosed reporters, and players from the shadows. Players are encouraged to be creative with their costumes and characters. Characters will be assigned over email from the signup, so you will have time to prepare and ask questions. At the door you will get a game package that has all your character's instructions and needed items for the night. Further instructions will be provided before the game begins. There will be prizes for various things, including best costume, best performance, who solved the mystery (drawn from all correct answers), and most money collected.

Murder mysteries are a ton of fun and a great way to make friends and interact with people you might not otherwise get to! Don't miss out! If you have questions, concerns, or comments, contact the event organizer, ShadowsMyst via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Murder mystery will be on Thursday, March 5th. Murder Mystery Event Doors open at 7pm. The game begins at 7:30 PM sharp! Be sure to arrive early to pick up your convention badge at registration BEFORE heading to the event room.

Space is limited so sign up now!